A Lived Experience

I am obviously an advocate for help seeking behaviour when it comes to mental health. I recognise that help comes in a number of ways and that therapy is just one of those options. I also recognise that not everyone who does seek help is ready to make the changes and that what works for one may not work for another.

What I have found to be true though is that someone sharing their journey and their lived experience of mental health touches nearly everyone. The interpretation and messages received may be different to each person but that willingness to be open and genuine about their experience speaks to people.

This clip of Lucy sharing her lived experience is one of these messages. She speaks openly about her journey with an Eating Disorder in an open and genuine way and invites you in to share her story. She doesn’t use fancy language or medical terminology, she is simply herself.

I am sharing this today with you all in recognition of the courage Lucy has found to share her story and her desire to share it with you all in the hope that others may seek help and that she may be a part of other people’s journey and know that just through living her own experience she may also influence and be an inspiration to others.