About Us

Whole Psychology was founded by Principal Clinical Psychologist Kellie Cathcart. Having worked across a number of clinical, research and project roles within the mental health industry Kellie found that not only was it important to look at the whole picture with her clients but also in the practice of psychology. In developing her own practice she envisioned not only working with individual clients, but with groups, organisations and communities.

Since starting the practice in 2017 Kellie has worked as a sole practitioner. She welcomed Valerie Huens to the team in October 2018 and Stella Dyer in May 2019.

While Whole Psychology offers individual therapy appointments it also offers group programs, training workshops and customised resources for clients. The focus is on bringing people together, together within their own mind so that the emotion and logic mind can work together as a whole, as well as bringing them together in small groups and communities.