Changes to Mental Health Services for Australians during the COVID19 Pandemic

There are so many changes that we have experienced during the past weeks in relation to the Coronavirus. Whilst these changes may be different for us all, they are all changes to the way we experience our life.

This week we made the decision to stop offering face-to-face appointments for our clients at Whole Psychology. We are not closing the practice, in fact our decision to stop offering face-to-face appointments is to try and prevent this from happening. It is important to us that we can continue to offer you support during this challenging time. By offering telehealth and phone appointments we are minimising your risk by leaving your house to attend the appointments and sitting in a shared waiting area, and also our risk as we are seeing multiple clients a day from different areas and professions. By doing this we hope you all stay healthy and so do we so that our sessions together can continue over the coming months.

I am sure many of you will have questions about how these changes will work, when they start and what you will need to do. I have updated our website and added a document to help explain the changes here.  I will also be looking to add resources to the website for useful tipsheets and tools that might help in the coming months so keep checking in on the website to access these.

For now stay healthy and stay at home if you can and we will see/ hear you soon via telehealth/phone.