Changes to the Practice

Since starting the practice in 2017 I have made minimal changes, with the exception to the location moving from Newcastle to New Lambton to make parking easier for clients. However so the practice can continue to work well I have made a few changes starting from January 1st 2020.

Firstly you will now be able to reach the practice via phone more consistently as I have welcomed Nicole Jones on board to answer the phones for initial inquiries and for clients to check appointment times and rescheduling appointments.  She will also cover the admin e-mail address if you are contacting via e-mail. So the number for all contact now is 1300 923 927. My mobile number will no longer be in service so text messages and phone calls will not be answered and should be directed to the number above instead.

The second change is to office hours and my hours of work will be between 8am – 2pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Stella’s will remain on Saturday 9-5pm and Katy McEvoy (Provisionally Registered Psychologist) will continue to see her clients on the Thursday and Friday between 10am-4pm.

The final change is in payments. Since opening the practice in 2017 I have not increased the cost of sessions despite the increase in costs to running the practice. Unfortunately we are no longer able to do this and our fees will be increasing from  January 1st 2020 for the sustainability of the practice.

The Standard APS recommended rate for Clinical Psychologists is $251 per session. The practice is increasing it’s rate to $190 per session from the above mentioned date.  This is in line with other private practitioners in the area but still well below the advised rate. The Medicare rebate amount  for a clinical psychologist is $126.50 and will vary for private health rebates dependent on your policy.  If you have any concerns then please speak to your therapist about this.