Tips for coping with coronavirus anxiety

For the last month or so clients have been mentioning coronavirus and their worries about the impact on their own life and life in general. Over the past week I’ve noticed an increase in awareness and worry experienced within the general community and also for my clients. I’d be lying if I said my own worry hadn’t been more at the forefront of my mind also.

A colleague of mine forwarded me some Tip sheets the Australian Psychological Society (APS) had issued for use and when I loaded the link I realised that they have made them available to the public not just members of the APS. I’m putting the link here so you can also view them as there is some good information for you.

I think though regardless of what changes we may experience in the coming days, weeks and months we are not alone. Whilst our experiences may differ, we are all being asked to make changes, sacrifices, choices without knowing all the information or the consequences. If we can support one another with these then we will not be alone and we will get through this.