Customised resources

Are you looking for a series of short tipsheets across a range of mental health and wellbeing issues? Or maybe you are looking for a broader mental health promotion strategy for your organisation that your staff can interact with?

Whole Psychology is interested in working with organisations to help them broaden their mental health in the workplace policy and services beyond EAP services and morning teas to raise awareness. We can offer you customised resources to suit your specific needs.  Services can include

  • Tip Sheets
  • Blog with weekly posts and links to online self help resources
  • Online counselling appointments for clients
  • Drop-in online question and answer service for clients and/or staff
  • Online webinar’s or face-to-face workshops in areas related to mental health, wellbeing and success

If you’re looking for an example of what kind of things are available then visit The University of Newcastle’s online counselling blog as an example of my work.

For more information then please contact us.