Group Programs

Whole Psychology offers small group treatment programs (6 to 10 participants).  If you currently have a Mental Health Care Plan, you may be eligible to attend our group programs at no cost (bulk-billed). Alternatively, you may be eligible for a rebate for the cost of the program through your private health insurance provider.

At this stage we are currently taking enquiries of interest in joining the following group treatment programs:

Breaking the Silence

Breaking the silence is an ongoing group for women who have been bereaved by the loss of an unborn child. Talking about miscarriage has been a taboo within the community for many years and has contributed to an ongoing silent and unacknowledged grief for women and their partners. The aim of this group is to provide an increased awareness, a shared opportunity to grieve and give honour to your loss.

The Hard Target

The Hard Target group is designed for children between the age of 9 and 13 who are experiencing bullying at school, home or another domain. The group runs for 5 weeks in total with a 2 week break between weeks 4 and 5. During the time the children will have an opportunity to learn and practise skills to improve their resilience and defence against the bullying behaviour. There is also a parent training workshop to complement this program.

Other group programs will be offered over the course of the year depending on interest. If you are looking for a group program in the area of anxiety, social skills, mindfulness, emotional regulation or self esteem then please feel free to contact us about your interest.